Monday, June 30, 2014

Toddler Birthday Party! (Almost twin-a-palooza!)

We went to Gymboree forChloe and Cooper's 2nd birthday party.  They don't have a lot of playmates, but we have friends with kids the same age, so we just all got together to have a good time.  We invited 3 other sets of twins, 2 of them were able to make it!  So 3 sets of twins there. :) Plus some other friends. It was fun!  All the kids loved it!

Connor, Ron, Chloe, Britney, Cooper

Xander and Sebastian Harell (Georgina is a friend from work!)

Silly Cooper!

Malcom Marquard (and his sister Emilia below).

Emilia has been friends with Connor since they were 2 in nursery at church!

Chloe loves to jump!

Everyone loves Jaimie Lynn! Our favorite caregiver!

beautiful Kyla Kolstad!

Connor is checking it out

I have several pictures of me similar to this -- tongue hanging out. I think it's genetic...

Brothers will be brothers. I love that they play so well together

Chloe and Daddy!  Such a sweet pair


Cooper loves to climb!

caught a smile from Malcom - no small feat since he likes to smile until the camera comes out.

Rayelle and Layla Gardner (above and below). They have the sweetest parents EVER! :) 

Everyone LOVES bubbles!

Brian Gardner and Rayelle

Sanaz Gardner and Layla hanging with Cooper

Lucas (Behind Chloe and Ron) was hiding from the camera most of the time!

The Gardners!

baby camp!


Georgina and Sebastian!


Lucas and Bobbie!  Ethan and Javier were at home for Ethan's nap.  We missed them!

blowing out the candles.  I had enough for all, but Chloe let Cooper do it.

We loved having everyone there to celebrate with us! Sometimes I feel like we don't do as much for Chloe and Cooper as we did for Connor, so I try to at least keep up with the milestones. two at once is definitely a challenge -- I"ll have to write about that another time.  :)